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     The paintings of Brian Dodd.  Click on an image for details about each piece.

Please note: A shipping rate will be applied to any purchase of products.

All items are acrylic and iridescent paintings on canvass.



Jordan the Destroyer          General Train Arms Jim          Eight Eyes Tom

Bucktoothed Tailed Terror           Accordion Legs Willie           KittyRa

MonsieurLaBouche           Knucklesthe10EyedFreak           BarberBottheRoboSalon

BlindLarrytheDemonMonster           LR_StewarttheLivingAmalgamationofProjectReEntry           Omnifarius

Cakenstein II           Triple Threat           William the Kid

Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy           Mr. Big Time           Seemore

Mr. Sniffer           The Ravenator           Demonic Grill Master Harold

Aliens, Demons and Mutants, Oh MY!           Four Armed Savage Pretzel Man           Gentleman Cyborg Mutant

Gorge           Gristle           Corpusule

Craniac           Faceless Jeff           Cakenstein

Hand Kong           Footzilla           Poodles Galore

Napoleon La Roach          Body of Evil          Eric Sorcerer of the North

Delilah Sorceress of the South           Red Eyed Hippie         Tony Sound Smasher

Sam WindScar

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